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Wicked Aromas provides 100% Legal Herbal Incense. This is a new generation of exotic incense blend which releases a rich aroma that fills a room. The products we provide are lab certified and free of JWH and Acetone. Our products are the highest quality and not meant for human consumption like K2, Wicked X and Mary Joy. The aroma of herbal incense products are pleasing and calming.

All orders are shipped using USPS standard mail within 3 business days of receiving payment. Please see our terms page for states we are unable to do business in. We strive to provide the best herbal incense products available on the market and greatly appreciate your business.

Wicked Aromas WARNING! None of these products are intended to be a substitute for any treatment or drug, legal or otherwise. Wicked Aromas provides information only about traditional uses of these herbs. These products are not intended for human consumption. All descriptions of the traditional uses of these herbs have been taken from information available to the public on the internet and can not be substantiated by scientific evidence. Any testimonials are voluntarily submitted by customers exercising their freedom of speech. Any comments made by customers written or expressed are about their own personal experiences and should not be considered typical. Wicked Aromas does not make any guarantee that what customers state is true, We are only reporting what customers have chosen to share about their own experiences.

Wicked Aromas Herbal Incense the best legal herbal incense,  Wholesale herbal incense. Wicked Aromas is legal herbal incense potpourri.  Not for human consumption.

Any testimonials are voluntarily submitted by clients exercising their liberty of speech.  Any comments by clients are about their own personal experiences and could not be typical. Wicked Aromas doesn’t make any declares that what clients say is true, only that we are reporting what they say us about their own experiences. Their results could not be typical. None of these herbs is intended to be a alternative for any antidote or drug, legal or otherwise. Wicked Aromas declares Notice: Wicked Aromas generates no declares with regard to the products offered here. We are a Herbal Potpourri Company, our products aren’t illegal street drugs nor are they intended to be ways to illegal street drugs. They aren’t intended to any of the above and are enjoyed for their own incredible properties and still hold on 100% legal. as a result of FDA law we make no declares in regards to the physiological or psychological effects of these products on the human body. They are NOT sold as marijuana substitutes, legal highs, legal marijuana, legal marijuana substitute or herbal highs, and aren’t labeled as such for that factor. Notice: the products on this site don’t contain Hemp (Marijuana). They are 100% legal herbs. None of these products are promoted to mitigate, treat, prevent or cure any disease, medical or psychological situation. None of our products will alter the structure or function of the human body. We don’t carry ANY products that contain Ephedra. None of the statements generated on this site about smoking products or dietary vitamins have been evaluated by the US Food and Drug Administration or similar agency in other countries. While our products only contain natural ingredients, don’t contain tobacco or nicotine, herbal potpourri if unused as intended, may be dangerous to your health. This product is NOT for Human Consumption. Can generate tar and carbon monoxide when burned. By buying from us you have agreed to, and have read our Wicked Aromas shop legal disclaimer. NONE OF OUR PRODUCTS CONTAIN TOBACCO. None of our products contain tobacco or are sold as marijuana substitutes, a legal marijuana substitute, a legal way to marijuana, marijuana alternatives, legal marijuana, legal highs, herbal highs, herbal ecstasy, herbal ecstasy or herbal etc. All of our herbal incense smoke and legal herbs are tolerable herbal potpourri aroma therapy. When these herbs are burned, they will generate a powerful and strong, notably aromatic smoke. Our herbal products include a few of the strongest, most aromatic and successfully pleasurable burning materials found out anywhere in the world. *Where highlighted, certain herbs may need caution while operating heavy machinery, or driving when burned. Copyright 2010-2014 WickedAromas.Com.